KSBR Birthday Bash 2006
Photos courtesy and copyright Brian and Kaye Runner

Michael Paulo and Tony Guerrero

Steve Oliver and Brian Bromberg

Jeff Kashiwa

Diane Schuur

Mombo Hernandez

Brian Bromberg

Greg Vail

Greg Adams and Tim Landers

James Torme

Ray Fuller

Eric Marienthal

Bill Cantos

Dan Siegel and Brian Bromberg

David Garfield

Nils, Ronnie Gutierrez,  Tim Landers


Sara Gazarek

Marion Meadows

Rob Whitlock, Max Bennet

Jennifer York

Nathaniel Scott

Evan Stone

Jeff Olson

Joey Sellers

Blake Aaron

Mari Falcone

James Torme and Scott Martin

Tony Guerrero

Tony Guerrero

Michael Paulo

Jeff Kashiwa and Brian Bromberg

Greg Vail and Nils

Mombo Hernandez, Blake Aaron and Michael Paulo

Steve Oliver, James Torme, Scott Martin and Joey Sellers

Eric Marienthal, Melvin Davis and David Garfield

Terry Wedel

Gary Bergeson

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All photos courtesy and copyright Brian and Kaye Runner